8 Motivational tips for entrepreneurs

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17, Jun, 2014 by Karly Edwards

8 Motivational tips for entrepreneurs

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Motivational tips

As an entrepreneur, I can completely relate when motivation is at an all-time low and you feel the challenge to push through the days when anything but working seems a more pleasing option. When we first start out in business there’s an overwhelming excitement to succeed, but as time goes by we hit a plateau. Business doesn’t seem to be progressing as we hoped and it’s at this very moment where we need to work at full capacity to push through the lull we find ourselves in. Sound familiar?


I currently work from home, and as a business woman working from home there can be distractions which directly impede the amount of work I achieve on any given day. So, when I feel procrastination set in and I find myself resembling a sloth on the move, I use one or all of these helpful tips below to kick start my progress.


1. Get out an about

If the idea of sitting in front of your computer is entirely too much to bear today, why not venture outdoors and speak to potential customers to generate more business.  Take a walk around your local businesses armed with some business cards and brochures. I’ve had the pleasure of doing this in the past and it has produced the desired results. It’s a great way for people to put a face to the name and connect with your community.

There are always regular networking events happening in local communities for business people to pop along and connect with other businesses. Just do a local search through Google and find out where they are. Speaking to other business people about their passion for what they do can revive your own excitement and also give you some great ideas to put in place too.


2. Organise your thoughts

It’s very easy to lose your focus and forget the goals you’ve set for yourself. When you have a clear picture in your mind about what you need to achieve, it’s much easier to put those ideas into action. Create clear lists for your tasks through the day and tick them off one by one as they’re completed. Create boards to map out your primary goals for the day, or make a spreadsheet.

Whichever way you decide to do it, having your thoughts written down with exactly what needs to be done that day will be a constant reminder of your potential accomplishments. And how good does it feel when you know you’ve achieved what you intended to do, am I right!?


3. Take a break

This one is so important! Studies have shown that even taking a small break can increase productivity. When you’re sat at your desk for hours on end your mind tends to wander, and to be quite frank we all become a little zombified! Our brain isn’t performing as it should and we aren’t producing the results as quickly or efficiently as we should.

Even taking a 2 minute break to stand and stretch will wake you up and drive oxygen to your brain; while a 40 minute nap increases your alertness by 40%.

We all need a break now and then, just make sure you actually return to work afterwards!


4. Remember why you’re doing this

There was a very valid reason why you became an entrepreneur in the first place; something that made you excited about setting up your own business. For me, I revel in that ultimate sense of freedom and building something special from scratch. I love to build great relationships with my clients and produce work that delivers them the results they were looking for.

You may have different reasons for wanting to become an entrepreneur, but ultimately you had a passion for what you do and sometimes it pays off to remember those initial motivations to get you enthusiastic again.


5. Be positive

Sometimes when business isn’t going the way we want, it can be easy to get disheartened and feel your purpose and inspirations slip away. When we’re positive we attractive positive things into our lives. Always remember the good things in your life; the things that make you happy. Be grateful for everything you hold dear and the results will tip in your favour.

This may all sound like nonsense to you and possibly even a little cheesy when you view this snippet, but there’s a very interesting and special book/film I follow and hold in high regard which delivers an inspirational message. As I’ve become more familiar with its methods, all the pieces of my life have fallen into place! Seriously!


6. Exercise

When we exercise, this releases endorphins and as a result we feel more awake. If you’re struggling to motivate yourself, take 30 minutes out of your day to get your energy levels up and increase your productivity. You will appreciate the time away from your computer, and you could return with some new ideas.


7. Read/watch motivational success stories

If you read or watch some motivational success stories, it can be a good trick for renewing your own determination to succeed. We relate to the people in the story and want to have what they have. You’ll usually be able to pick up some general tips for business success and be able to put them into practice to help yourself too.


8. Push through it

None of these tips are going to be of any help to you if you don’t help yourself! You need to suck it up to push through the hard times and come through the other side. Only you know what needs to be done, and only you can make it happen. When you apply the tips I’ve mentioned above it will make it easier for you to motivate yourself, but you need to adopt a certain level of discipline to be an entrepreneur. Check out how 35 entrepreneurs stay motivated 


I sincerely hope you win the battle in the end! Are there any other motivational tips that you use as an entrepreneur? I’d love to hear about your stories, please feel free to leave a comment.