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7, Aug, 2015 by Shane Edwards

Syncing Angular Promises

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I recently had this problem and made a utility called 'syncPromises'. This basically works by sending what I called an "instruction list", which would be array of functions to be called in order. You'll need to call the first then() to kick things of, dynamically attach a new .then() when the response comes back with the next item in the instruction list so you'll need to keep track of the index. This I found gave us the most flexibility.

// instructionList is array.
function syncPromises (instructionList) {
var i = 0,
defer = $q.defer();

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1, Oct, 2014 by Shane Edwards

Designer or Developer?

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To a lot of people in my line of work being web design and web development they regard each as two very distinct disciplines. This is primarily due to the nature of each requiring very different mind sets.

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31, Mar, 2014 by Shane Edwards

A custom module for z-index manipulation of DOM element groups using TDD with QUnit

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A well tested custom module using jQuery and QUnit for testing.

TDD & using QUnit

Re-learning the very basics and having desire to start on the right foot, I chose to create a custom library that aims to solve some common user interface problems that I've faced in previous projects.

After doing a bit of research, I chose to use QUnit to employ test driven development for my project and decided to create a module that will handle z-index re-ordering that can respond to client, system or user events.

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11, Feb, 2014 by Shane Edwards

Responsive Design (Revisited)

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According to a Cisco Visual Networking Index white paper, mobile data traffic increased by a massive 81% in 2013. Smartphones represented only 27% of total global handsets in use in 2013.