Content marketing - ways to create content for your business

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8, May, 2014 by Karly Edwards

Content marketing - ways to create content for your business

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It’s a common question that I hear from many business owners who struggle with ideas for spreading their message and providing content-rich info. Many appreciate the importance of sharing valuable information to their customers but have absolutely no idea how to distribute these thoughts that are quite simply, gold dust.

I’m going to disclose with you a range of platforms you can use to broadcast your knowledge, so you can be seen as a professional and trustworthy company your customers would be delighted to do business with.


Blog posts

I will commence this post by saying… you’re looking at one. It seems so obvious, but the humble blog is a treasure trove of ideas and coherent thoughts your customers are itching to read. They want to be educated and confident they are dealing with the right company, and when you unleash your knowledge about your industry and demonstrate a truly helpful nature, your customers will be lapping it up.



This visual platform allows you to create a number of slides to effectively demonstrate your business brand and message. SlideShare has grown enormously in popularity over the last couple of years, and they’re a fantastic device to assist you in the great battle of search engine rankings. The platform enables users to upload power point presentations, word documents and pdfs, so you don’t have to be a technical wizard to create a piece worth reading. You can even include appropriate links for further reading and a link to your Twitter page or website too… genius!  



Essentially an ebook is a glorified blog post. They are a more substantial document of information to promote your business and they are extremely quick and easy to produce. You can save them as a simple pdf for your readers to download or you can create an E-PUB file for readers to view on Kindle, Nook and iPad.

Ebooks help form the cogs of your overall content marketing strategy. They can be offered to readers for free to gain an initial readership, and many businesses then sell their eBooks online through Amazon, iBookstore and Barnes and Noble for an additional source of income. Include images, links, video and audio for a truly rounded and comprehensive experience for your readers. The bottom line is, ebooks allow you to promote your business through a number of avenues and devices to reach a greater and more targeted audience, and who doesn’t want that? 



I personally think infographics are a blessing from god! Heavily reliant on graphics and factual information, infographics generally provide readers with the interesting figures and statistics about your industry we are all keen to discover. The documents should not be heavily text based, but present intriguing or jaw dropping facts in a fun and almost ad-hoc manner. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your extensive knowledge in your field and inform potential customers of why they need to get involved in the product or service you offer. Check out this infographic for a perfect example.



Video, video, video… The wonders of Youtube and the idea of creating video for business benefit have been around for years. This is your chance to produce an additional call-to-action and give your customers the opportunity to view your business on a more personal note. There are no limitations to what you can create with video (budget permitting); unleash your inner creative and craft a masterpiece people want to watch and one that is sure to go viral. There are many examples in business history of how to pursue this avenue with success and gusto, no matter how large or small your company.


There’s certainly no excuse when it comes to creating a range of platforms for sharing content, and there are even more possibilities to look out for in addition to the ones listed above. The most important thing to consider here is the ways in which you can constantly share interesting information to keep your business firmly placed in the minds of your target audience. Get involved – how are you spreading your business message?