How to share content and engage potential customers to increase sales

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21, May, 2014 by Karly Edwards

How to share content and engage potential customers to increase sales

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Increasing sales with content

So you’ve crafted your content through an infographic, blog post, Slideshare presentation or video and you now want to know how to get that content in front of many potential customers to effectively engage and interact. There are a number of methods to reach your target audience, and this post will explore the ways of spreading content online and the options available to you.


Social media

From personal experience, I have to say this is one of the most effective methods for sharing content to encourage engagement. There are an abundance of social media platforms out there for you to share content, but you need to consider which ones will work best for your business. It would be lunacy to sign up to 50 different social media sites, as you simply wouldn’t have enough time to devote your energy to each one and make a positive impact.


Keep it simple and choose 5 different platforms at the very most; this way you can focus your efforts and build a solid presence and a great reputation for being helpful and knowledgeable. I’ve found Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn work particularly well for us, so this is where we drive our focus and engage the most. You need to construct a loyal following that look forward to your posts and like to spread the love. When your followers share your content, their followers will be able to view your content, and so on.


When sharing your content, simply write a short and enticing description to get people intrigued about what you have to say; post a link and away you go!


Email campaigns

Email campaigns are a fantastic way to share your fresh content and engage with new or existing customers. Do you have an email database you can refer to and send your content? This may apply to your existing database and repeat customers. If you’re a start-up business and have very little customers you can always search for some emails manually, or purchase email data from a reputable company relating to your target market. 


You can schedule your emails to be sent at a particular time or date with a clever emailing system such as MailChimp, who provide templates and campaigns for a more professional feel.



Sharing content is all about connecting and engaging with those who have a need for your knowledge, product or service. There are thousands of forums on the web relating to your industry with people who discuss the products or services you offer. This is your opportunity to enter this online community and be a useful entity for those who need it.


Right now your potential customers are asking questions about your industry; this is an exceptionally easy way to post a few lines in response to those questions while including a link to your freshly made content.


Blog commenting

Commenting on other people’s blog posts relating to the industry you work in is another great way to engage and share with a wider audience.  When you leave a comment on a popular blog with a link to your content, you’re not only directing people to your new content, you are making more potential customers aware of your existence.


Your blog

And as usual, your own personal blog will always serve you well, being identified by the search engines and placed in front of your potential customers who are searching for the answers to the questions they type into the search bar. There are readers out there searching for answers to their questions. When you provide content that answers those questions you will gain a loyal following of avid readers.


Here are just a few ideas for sharing content, so share away!