What to expect when hiring a copywriter

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1, May, 2014 by Karly Edwards

What to expect when hiring a copywriter

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If you’re reading this post you probably understand the importance of compelling copy and the positive bearing this can hold for your business. Knowing what to expect when choosing the right copywriter is a crucial step to advancing your business and creating a desirable brand.

You may be a business owner who is so passionate about the business you’ve built and have so much to say, but you simply do not possess the understanding of how to put those pioneering developments into words. Well, this is why the role of a copywriter exists - to analyse, understand and interpret those ideas into something brilliant and evoking.


The initial stages

You want money-making copy, right? In order for this to transpire you need to get in touch with a copywriter who has the necessary skills and experience to weave a web of words that will successfully entice the public. So, your first step is to whittle down potential candidates and find an individual that not only displays an obvious talent, but someone you feel has a personality you can work with.

Following your decision, the copywriter needs to understand your product and provide a quote within your estimated budget, and you both need to agree a price. Unfortunately, there are many people in this world who quite frankly do not appreciate a copywriter’s worth and will have unrealistic expectations of price and time-scale. If you want your business to benefit from quality money-making copy, the service will pay for itself. If you want to cut corners and hire a copywriter who doesn’t have the skills and experience needed to create the right copy for your business – then just stop right there - you may as well just throw your money out the window now.


After confirmation

Before work begins, in most cases you will be required to sign and return a contract. This will not only cover the copywriter in terms of payment, but it will also ensure the work will most definitely be carried out to your satisfaction and you will retain sole ownership of the copy once payment has been settled.

A confident copywriter will ask a number of questions to commence the project with exceptional knowledge about you and the business. If your copywriter asks for an abundance of information and strives to delve deeper into the inner workings of your company… this is a good thing; trust me!

A copywriter will be unable to construct a compelling business story without that important information, so business owners need to understand the time required for building this initial information. Copywriters are not psychic! As much as we’d like to be and we are by nature a creative bunch, we cannot pull back-ground information from our behinds!

Once you and the copywriter are happy that the information given is sufficient to produce a knock-out piece of text, only then will the copywriter begin to craft a unique and tailor-made creation with you and your customers at the fore-front of their mind.

You will then be presented with the first draft at the agreed date, and it is then up to you to decide if and what kind of amendments you’d like made to the copy. When a copywriter has asked all the appropriate questions and the client has provided enough information, most cases won’t require a second draft.


Final thoughts

Forgive the generalisation, but as a rule of thumb copywriters are enthusiastic and dedicated towards the work they produce. If the client isn’t satisfied with the finished product, the copywriter isn’t satisfied. There are certain expectations to understand when working with your copywriter, but ultimately, the copywriter exists to deliver a service and product that will serve as an asset to your business and will help to effectively sculpt and grow your brand.